Babblings of a Blonde

Hi! My name is Amy, welcome to my new shiny blog Amy Down The Rabit Hole. I’m a 23 year old English lass currently sunning it up in Australia! I thought since my life is somewhat interesting now I should maybe write about it. So I’ll start with a little bit about me.

Take me back to my happy place ✈️☀️🌎

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As I’ve said I’m currently living in Australia, residing in Brisbane, but I was born and raised in not so sunny Wolverhampton. I lived there my whole life until I moved out to study at the University of Chester. Those three years gave me my first real taste of freedom, and I LOVED it. After spreading my wings and living the student life I wasn’t quite ready to settle into a nine to five life back in Wolverhampton. Which brings me to the travel part of this blog! On November 9th 2015 my fiancé (Ryan) and I packed up and flew out on our own adventure. We spent two weeks travelling around Thailand before settling here in the sunshine state.

So now my life is so much more interesting (well for me anyway), I have much more to share (than my nail art tutorials of my younger days ha!). There’s only so much I can post on Instagram before I drive everyone crazy, so here I am. I’ll be sharing my travel tales, foody goodness, my favourite outfits, and more; hopefully you will find reading about them as enjoyable as I find writing them.

Bye for now

Amy x


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