First Stop…Phuket!

I thought I would start off with the two weeks I spent travelling in Thailand. My fiancé and I had just graduated before we set off on this adventure, so we didn’t do the whole cramming into hostels thing. We decided we would treat ourselves while we had the money and booked some nice looking hotels; which were actually surprisingly reasonable for how nice they were, as we booked them all through STA Travel.

We chose Thailand as our stop over before Australia because we had both been before when we were about 16. We loved it back then, but were too young to really appreciate the culture and beauty of the place.

So our first stop was Phuket!
After two long flights and a five hour wait in Dubai, we made it to Phuket around midnight on the 11th of November. My initial thought once I had picked up my suitcase was “ok I need feeding now”, I’m not a lover of plane food. Ryan *foolishly* made a comment about it being too late to find food, just before our taxi pulled into the heart of Patong, where we were hit with the bustling night life.

Although Patong is known for its crazy night life, Ryan and I are not huge party animals. Don’t get me wrong I love a night out and a few bevvys as much as the next Brit, but I had just come out of three years of being a student, juggling studying and a social life. I was ready for sun sea and sand, not shots and a ping pong show! We still loved Patong, and spent most of our three days there on the beautiful beach drinking coconuts, at the pool, or walking around the markets.

Ahhhh life ☺️💕 #coconut #sunseasand #Thailand #patong

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That being said…we did find ourselves at a quirky little campervan bar that made the most amazing cocktails! The staff there were lovely too, the lady making the cocktails looked overjoyed as I took my first sip and gave her a thumbs up. We also ended up in Hooters, not far from the main strip, for a few more cocktails. Hooters was ok for the novelty of it, but the staff there looked really unhappy! The campervan bar had a much better vibe.


Campervan Bar at Patong Beach

The main reason I loved Thailand so much before was the food! I’m a huge foodie and ever since my first trip years ago, I’ve been searching for perfect Thai food in the UK. So as you can imagine, I was pretty excited to dine out! Although we ate out at a few places, my favourite has to be Break Point. The food was amazing! So flavourful, good portion sizes and all for a reasonable price compared to the other restaurants.


Massaman Curry and Coconut Rice at Break Point Restaurant


While in Patong, we stayed in the Patong Beach Hotel, which was glorious! I was a bit worried at first; the taxi driver couldn’t find the hotel, and then when we were turning down the drive there was a beat up looking sign on the side of the road that said ‘patong beach hotel’. So yeah I was a little nervous. That all fizzled away as soon as we checked in, the staff were lovely, and we made it to the room to be greeted by towel swans and rose petals.


Patong Beach Hotel Poolside

Our lush room in #Thailand #patongbeachhotel #patong

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The hotel was across the road from the beach and a 5 minute walk from the main party strip, and although it was central, we didn’t find it to be too noisy at all. I’d really recommend it to anyone travelling to Patong. We loved our few days in Patong, but were eager to see what else Thailand had to offer.That’s all for now 🙂


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