A Love Affair with BlackMilk Clothing

You will come to realise that a large proportion of my wardrobe was born from an Aussie company known as BlackMilk Clothing. So before I delve into countless OOTD posts, or what I brought from each collection, I thought I should explain a little.

Blackmilk clothing is an Australia based company known for its flashy leggings and inside out dresses (yep two dresses in one!). BM caught my eye back in 2014 with a Game of Thrones licenced release, which came at a perfect time, just before Ryan and I were heading to Comiccon.

My first BM purchases in 2014

It was a slippery nylon covered slope from there on! And I soon discovered the glory behind the company wasn’t just their jazzy prints or interactive social media platform, but it was the fans (or sharkies as they are known!). The community behind BM is the real gem. There are countless Facebook groups for girls and guys (yep guys too!) all across the world. And within these groups are real friendships. I know I know, some people are probably thinking “how can internet friends be REAL friends, it’s just weird” but it’s not! It’s beautiful and uplifting. I’ve seen so many acts of genuine kindness in these groups it’s inspiring. There are regular meet ups, and even large scale meet ups of beautiful nylon covered babes! I myself have made real true friends from the BM community, and I have stepped outside my comfort zone and been part of a huge UK meet up in 2015.


Sharing a cabin with 6 random girls amongs 70+ sharkies was the best weekend ever!

So in short BlackMilk clothing is not only a large part of my wardrobe, but a pretty big part of my life too. I’ve made so many awesome friends through BM and been to some wicked parties too!

And I’m sure there’s plenty more to come πŸ˜€



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