Koh Phi Phi

The second stop on our little Thailand adventure was Koh Phi Phi. After three days in Phuket we boarded a hot crowded boat, dragging our suitcases awkwardly behind us, and set off to Phi Phi. It was at this point I regretted not having a backpack, and bringing majority of my wardrobe (which incidentally, still isn’t enough).

As our boat pulled up to the jetty at Phi Phi I was instantly blown away by the beauty of the place. The gorgeous blue sea, golden sands and brilliant palm trees instantly won me over.

For our three days in Phi Phi, we stayed at the Bay View Resort, and as we departed the boat, we were greeted by a member of hotel staff who took our baggage (as we breathed a sign of relief, that stuff was heavy!) and walked us to the resort. The resort was situated right at the end of the main beach, just before the beach meets the hills. The rooms were tiny cabins upon the hills, over looking the gorgeous blue water and the beach. If the walk to the top with the cases hadn’t already done the job, the view would have left us breathless for sure.


The beautiful view from our room

During our three days there we decided to book a dive tour! I have been diving before in Egypt, but it was all new to Ryan. We set off early in the morning for two dives near the famous Maya Bay. Although we stopped at Maya Bay itself, there was no way we could walk in the footsteps of Leonardo because it was crammed with tourists and various tour boats. 

The dives were amazing, we saw lots of fish and reef life. During the first dive, I was mostly nervous about how Ryan was coping, but after him reassuring me he was hooked and seeing him fall in love with the sea, I was much more relaxed. We had a great time, even if we didn’t see any sharks! 


Enjoying our dive near Maya Bay

The rest of our time at Phi Phi was spent swimming, or walking along the beach. During the evenings when the tide went out, you could walk out for what seemed like forever, and look back on the island as the sunsets around you in a beautiful orange glow.

The island is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, I only wish I had been able to explore the northern side. However, after three days, it was time to move on again. Our next stop was Krabi.

Bye for now





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