BM Wonderlust 

BlackMilk clothing have really upped their game with their last couple of releases, and the Wonderlust collection has made me fall in love with the company all over again. 

The excitement for this collection started with sneaks of the promo shoot! The shoot had a whole new vibe to it; it told a story and showed off the pieces well. It was a sure sign of good things to come! 

From the sneaks and the look book (yes that’s right, look books are back online!) I could see there were a few new styles and cuts. The pastel colours really peaked my interest too, and since I’m ‘travelling’ I figured the Wonderlust collection would be right up my street. 

Eager to get my hand on a few pieces and check out the new styles, I headed down to BMHQ’s Valentines bash on the 11th of February to shop the new collection before the pintrest dropped! By the time I arrived HQ was full of nylon baring shoppers patiently waiting for the next available changing room. I sped around the store picking up the pieces that caught my eye, and the new cuts to try on. 

The first piece I knew I needed was the Van Gogh roses wifey top. I love the Van Gogh roses print, I already owned the Miami suit, so to have it on a piece I could wear ALL THE TIME, made me a happy lass indeed. 


Wearing my BM Van Gogh roses wifey over a denium dress from cotton on.

One piece that really shocked me was the Folk Art bell bottoms. I honestly thought I would hate them, but quite the opposite. The print is gorgeous, and the toastie material makes them so soft and figure flattering; not only that but I’m now fully onboard with bell bottoms, no more skinny jeans for me! 

Another piece I fell in love with at the store was the Dusk Midi skirt. All my regular dresses and skirts are just normal short cut skirts, so I was worried the midi might make me look a bit grandma-esque. Again I was pleasantly surprised! 

However I did have to up my ninja game and snag myself the skirt on release night as HQ had sold out of the size I needed that night. But this meant I also managed to get one of the exclusive Wonderlust postcards that were sent out to the first 300 orders (which you can see on the feature image). The return of exclusive postcards is another positive aspect of the recent release, as a lot of girls collect and trade the post cards 🙂 some frame them and make awesome displays too. 

So in short, I was bowled over by this release and I feel like BM have stepped up. They have brought back the excitement, the limited pieces, the need to ninja, and combined it with a new fresh vibe. I was wondering if this was a sign of things to come, and Fear and Clothing showed me yes, yes it was 😉 



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