Krabi was the third stop on our little Thailand adventure, and although we were sad to be leaving Phi Phi, I think we totally underestimated what Krabi had to offer. 

We stayed at the Krabi Cha Da resort, and were informed by our taxi driver that it was a fancy hotel, so had high expectations. The hotel was located a 5-10 minute walk from the beach, up a little bit of a hill. The rooms were even further up the hill, and again we seemed to be up among the gods (as my Nan would say). It was totally worth it though because our room wasn’t far from the roof top pool! Which we had to ourselves for a while when we first arrived. The view from the pool was amazing! Made for the perfect photo op; as you can see from my blog header 😉 

My only complaint about the hotel would be that the rooms were a little musky smelling, but I think that was probably from the humidity up there. The staff were so friendly and helpful, they helped us book our tours for the next two days. 

We booked on to a Ya’s Thai cooking class (Programme C) ! I was soo ready for this. I love Thai food, so learning how to cook it was on my list of things to do. Our class was meant for a large group but ended up being Ryan and myself, and two lovely girls from Singapore. We made so much food!! Which we later had to eat! It was all so good. We made curries, stir fry, soups, and salads; all from scratch with fresh ingredients. The class was good fun and well worth the money! I would recommend it to anyone staying in Krabi 🙂 

The next day we set out on a tour to visit the hot springs and emerald pool. The tour was a full day and included transport to both locations. 

The hot springs – known as Nam Tok Rawn – were exactly as described, HOT! I was really surprised, when I arrived and saw signs advising people to only spend 10-15 minutes in the pools, but as soon as I got in I understood. The hot water was somewhat overwhelming but also very soothing for the muscles. The water cascaded over the pools until it travelled down to a small (merkier) stream. We had fun trying to manoeuvre our way down the slippery rock between pools to find a spot to relax, but we didn’t stay in for long. 

When our tour guide dropped us off at the location to see the emerald pool, we were handed a rough looking map and given a vague direction to head in. So, a bit bewildered, we set off. Luckily the track was easily noticeable, even if we weren’t sure how long it was. When we finally reached the emerald pool itself, we realised the walk was worth it. Even with it filled with tourists, the water was a gorgeous blue/green colour, and a little warmer than expected. We had a nice relaxing swim and took some pictures before it was time to head back and meet our tour guide for the ride back. 

The emerald pool in Krabi

During our evenings in Krabi, we walked around the markets, enjoyed a few cocktails and played bingo with the locals in a bar not far from the hotel. 

Bucket cocktails 😉

After a fun and busy few days in Krabi, it was time to move on to our last location, Khoa Sok. 

Bye for now



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