BM Fear and Clothing…

…made me fear for my bank balance! 

With yet another awesome release, Blackmilk clothing brought big game! You could tell it was going to be something special from the promo shoot sneaks, and JLs periscope featuring a big’old muscle car driving down the strip in viva Las Vegas! 

I have to admit when I first heard the shoot was taking place near Vegas, because it fitted with the theme better, I was dubious. I was thinking tacky sequin numbers and unwearable pieces. Far from it! This release combined classic BM, resurrecting the bath print and i eat mice fabic, with brand new styles and designer pieces. 

BMHQ threw an awesome prerelease casino style party on the 3rd of March. With the promise of roulette competitions and alcoholic slushies, of course I headed on down. I tried on a fair few pieces (and by that I mean everything) and struggled to pick out favourites! 

After a huge trying on sesh, I was somewhat peer pressured πŸ˜‰ to head back in and try on the Divine Nouveau Velvet Jumpsuit. Now this was the one piece I honestly didn’t like the look of, I thought it would look even worse on me! I was worried about the low back, and if I could risk not having a bra but, I was pleasantly surprised, and after a “Daaayyyummmm girl!” from a passing Sam I ended up buying it! 

I also loved the A Real Cool Cat Woodchucks, the toastie material made them super smooth and flattering. The adujstable straps made them that much more versitle and wearable, a nice change to the old woodchucks. Plus, who doesn’t want cute cats on their body?!  

One print that particularly caught my eye was the Tangled Up in Blue print, which came on both bell bottoms and a Miami suit. I fell in love with the Miami suit so had to grab it there and then! I even took it for a test drive at a waterfall the following weekend πŸ˜‰ 

I was very pleased with the return of the bell bottoms, even though I know a few people are still on the fence about them. Not only did they bring them back, they upped the bell bottom game! Velvet bell bottoms. I hear screams of “oh god velvet AND bell bottoms, how old school can you get”, but trust me they are awesome! I grabbed myself the Strawberry Thief pair on release night because I was so blown away by the gorgeous print. It’s so vibrant and clear, even on the velvet. I don’t know the science behind the magic but they honestly look amazing. 


Close up of the Strawberry Theif Velvet Bell Bottoms

The only issue I could possibly say about the bell bottoms is that they are somewhat lengthy. I have to wear my heels with them but then again I’m not particularly tall. I still love mine. 

 The last piece I love (and my biggest regret for not owning!) is the mermemerald catsuit *sobs*. I tried it on at HQ and instantly fell in love. This is one of my favourite mermaid prints and I need it all over my body!! The mermaid fabric is super stretchy and comfortable, not to mention super sparkly. 

Sam and I at the HQ event full mermaid style! (photo from BlackMilk Clothing)

I could honestly go on and on about this release, it was HUGE! I should have known it would be big when I received a sneaky promo postcard in the post (seen in the feature image), just a few days before the drop! More postcards! That’s right, this time we had the promo postcard AND and exclusive release night postcard.


Exclusive release postcard for the first 300 Fear and Clothing orders

It’s hard to imagine what else these guys have up their sleeves but I guess we will have to wait for Off The Beat in April to find out! 



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