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So now I’ve FINALLY got all of the Thailand details down, I can start to tell you a bit more about life in the land down under. First of all, if you are planning to come here for a prolonged period of time, I highly recommend a stop over along the way. Even flying from Thailand we had 3(!) planes to catch; Phuket > Kuala Lumpa > Sydney > Brisbane. Majority of the flying involved getting from one side of Aus to the other. Do you understand how big this place is?! I certainly didn’t. It can take an 8 hour flight from east to west! You can get to anywhere in Europe from the UK in a fraction of that time. I’m pretty sure you can get from the UK to a different continent in around that time.

Once you are here, it is totally worth it. We are currently residing in Brisbane, where we have been since December 2015, and life here is so different to home. Everyone seems more relaxed and happy. For one thing, its totally socially acceptable to grab brunch with your work mates and wash it down with a pint (oh wait no sorry a scooner, which is 3/4, yeah I know, weird). Be careful though, you’ll soon get sucked into day drinking by the pool, and before you know it you’re polishing off a bottle of wine before dinner each day!

Jobs are not as easy to come by as people tell you. I spent well over a month handing out CVs and trawling through SEEK  ads. I’m a retail girl though, I don’t have any experience working in a bar and I haven’t waitressed since I was 16. Those are the kind of jobs with high turn over, so if you have that kind of experience you will be fine. Both Ryan and I are now working and settled into Brisbane life.

Another piece of advice is, if you are working in one spot for a while, get out on your days off! We had been here three months before we saw anything other than the city and the bus route to our house. We invested in a (very) old car and decided to try and make more road trips (I’ll tell you all about them in later posts). There’s so much to see here! Don’t just work day in day out and go home, cause then you may as well have saved your butt the numbing plane journey here.

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Don’t get suckered into slumming it in sticky hostels. They aren’t that cheap, they aren’t great value and the are not that clean! We stayed in a hostel for our first week in Brisbane and it was GRIM. We opted for a double room rather than an 8 bed dorm, and it worked out around $300 for the week. We are now staying in a lovely house, with a pool, two adorable pooches and an en suit, for a grand total of….$300 a week. Airbnb my friends! Granted we are no longer smack in the city, but we are in a nice area less than 5km away, with a bus stop right outside. So unless you are ok sharing in a hostel with 7 other randoms, who may or may not drunk pee in your bed (it happens!), then I strongly suggest checking out Airbnb.

The weather is hot. All the time. It’s winter now and its still 28 degrees in the sunshine state. I have to admit I am acclimatising, and I do get a bit of a chill of an evening, but I’m still sat in my shorts. I much prefer a Queensland winter to a UK winter! I’m enjoying being able to sun bathe and not be fearful of potential late-in-the-year snowfall.

So basically, its hot, we drink, we work, we road trip! I couldn’t be happier. The one thing I do miss is friends and family. It can get a bit lonely at times and no travel blog, travel agents or inspiring meme prepares you for that. Alas, I will bug them all when I return home and become that persons who’s always like “well this one time in Australia…” πŸ˜‰

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