Kondalilla Falls – Our First Road Trip

We brought a car! After a few months of work work work and no play, we decided it was time to get out more. We bit the bullet and brought a (very) old car just so we could get out more. The gramps mobile is serving us well, and on our next day off together we decided to drive to Kondalilla National Park.

(Photo from Ryan’s Instagram as I don’t have any piccys of the car πŸ˜‰ ) 

It was only an hour and 30 minutes drive, and some of the scenery along the way was beautiful. We stopped at a lookout point along the way to admire the view, before carrying on to the national park.


The view from the look out point that we stopped at on the way to Montville

We parked up near the picnic area and headed down to the park. I did stumble and twist my ankle so a lot of the day I was hobbling around! We still managed to walk to 2km circuit to the rock pool area and part of the larger circuit to see the falls. We took the circuit to the rock pool first which wasn’t too strenuous. Once we got there, I was worth it just for the views. We also saw a snake! This was my first snake spot since being in Aus so I was pretty excited. I grabbed my camera to take some pictures, only to find I’d left my memory card at home! Never the less it was pretty cool.

The rock pool was FREEZING! I haven’t been that cold since I left the UK back in November. The cold water seriously took my breath away, but it was a nice refreshing swim after the hot sweaty hike to get there. After convincing Ryan that it wasn’t that cold (it really was), we swam around for a little while. I wanted to go under the falls, but after hearing squeals and talks of eels I decided our nice corner of the pool was the place to be.


Ryan and I after a quick dip in the freezing pool

After we got the feeling back in our toes, we headed back down the circuit to the falls lookout point. This walk was a bit more challenging. The track was narrower, a bit steeper and somewhat uneven, but we managed to make our way down to the falls. It had been fairly dry before our trip so the falls were exactly in full bloom but it was still pretty impressive. We took some pictures, admired the view, then made our way back to the car before going for lunch.

View of the falls from a lookout point

There was a quirky little cafΓ© just up the road from the National Park (we had parked the car right opposite), so we decided we would pop in for a cup of tea – how very British of us! The cafΓ©, Elements at Montville, had a fun vibe, it was full of quirky little nik-naks for sale (including some funky little neon dinosaurs). The lovely girl at the counter took us through the store and seated us by the window. The view from there was amazing. Just miles of rolling country side, which was a huge contrast to the forest trek we had just been on, which was literally a five minute walk down the road!


My adorable tea set at the cafe

I ordered a vanilla infused green tea which came in an adorable tea pot with a cute matching cup. The tea was delicious too and I ended up getting three cups out of it. We also ordered a slice of cake – hiking is hungry work – which was amazing! I had a lemon and white chocolate sponge cake and Ryan a chocolate brownie cake. They were so delicious, the best cake I’ve had in a while.


The amazing cake I had at elements cafe

After we were full of cake and tea we headed home, it had been a long but lovely day and as our first little road trip, I think we did pretty well. It gave us our first little taste of freedom and I’m hoping there’s more to come.


The view from Elements cafe

Bye for now



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