On The Road!

FINALLY! We are finally getting to do the travelling. After living in Brisbane for the best part of 7 months, we have finally finished working and hit the road. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of planning, packing, and goodbyes.


Just some of the Base family ❀

I have to admit it was bitter sweet saying goodbye. I fall head over heels for people; once I make friends with someone, that’s it, you’re stuck with me. Nothing prepares you for the relationships you build while travelling, and then as quick as you meet, its time to say goodbye. You make plans to meet up again, but who knows where life will take you. At least we have the joys of the internet now! It makes staying in touch that much easier!


On top of the world in Noosa

Now we are finally on the road! We left Brisbane on the 4th of July, and its been a jam-packed schedule ever since. I have sooo much to write about but limited time and wifi! We headed to Noosa from Brisbane, ready for an amazing adventure on Fraser Island ( I have to do an entire post just for that because it was AMAZING). After Noosa, we have been heading back down the coast in the van. It has been an interesting experience. Challenging at times, but man, have we seen some sights!


Some of the views on the way

Hopefully I can find time to write about it πŸ™‚ Just know, posts are coming!

Bye for now





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