Next, Noosa!

On a slight come down from Fraser Island, we decided to go on a long hike around Noosa’s national park. Noosa is a gorgeous little place, the beach is beautiful and the town has an air of relaxation about it. There was no relaxing for us though! We strapped on our runners and made our way round the coast, up to the national park.


One of the gorgeous beaches on Noosa


Once we got to the first look out, we were just taking in the beautiful sea view, when a dolphin popped up and we watched it make its way along the coast line. 

One of the worst photos of a dolphin!

At each lookout we stopped at admired the beautiful views. Noosa really is a gorgeous place. The walk through the national park is mostly along the coast, with hidden beach gems along the way. We saw lots of people heading to these little beaches with their surf boards (although I wouldn’t fancy carrying one up some of those steep climbs!).


Another beautiful lookout


One hidden gem I had heard about was the fairy pools. These are essentially deep rock pools. The pools are hidden between picnic cove and Hells Gate, and are not sign posted. Luckily, I’d done a spot of research. After picnic cove there is a bench overlooking the rocks down to the sea. It was at this bench where we started the decent down the rocks to the pools. The pools are best visited at low tide, but the one pool is still swimmable during high tide, and well worth the tricky climb down. It’s a lovely little spot, and if you take your goggles you can see the corals and fish that live in the pools too.


Playing in the Fairy Pools


Once we had dried off a little, we continued on to Hells Gate, which (although very windy) wasn’t nearly as hellish as implied. The view from there was pretty spectacular, and we watched whales breeching in the distance.


Hells Gate


We continued the walk through one of the forest trials, desperate to spot some koalas. Although we didn’t see and of the little fluffs, we did see an echidna digging for his lunch.


Little echidna


 Ryan had never seen one before so he was pretty excited. I’d seen a couple of echidnas while working at the RSPCA, but it was something special to see this little guy just doing his thing out in the wild. We could have stood and watched him for ages (the locals were very amused by this), but we carried on our walk.


After a 12km round trip we headed into town from the park for a bit of lunch. The walk was so worth it! Every time we head out on these trips we see something amazing, and we still have so much to see.

Bye for now



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