Onwards to Byron Bay!

We left Noosa bright and early for a big day and a long drive down to Byron Bay. We decided to stop off at a couple of places along the way to break the trip up a little. First stop was the big pineapple.


It really does speak for itself

I didn’t realise, but Australia seems to have a love for big things. They are dotted up and down the country, and have become somewhat of a tourist spot, so naturally we had to go check a few out. The big pineapple wasn’t too far from us so we decided to stop by. I expected it to just be sat randomly on the side of a highway somewhere but it was on a zoo carpark, with its own big pineapple café! AND you could go INSIDE the pineapple! In the pineapple was lots of information about Australia’s pineapple productions, and the view from the top overlooked some of the farms. Pretty cool! We stopped for a snack and a few piccys, then carried on our way.


Just another mystery machine adventure

We wanted to visit Mt Tambourine on the way. Cedar creek falls was always on my list of places to visit but with myself and Ryan always working, we never got a chance. The weather wasn’t ideal for swimming that day but we decided we would still go and check it out. The drive up there was pretty scenic too so that was nice.


The falls themselves were super easy to get to, with an easy trail walk leading to the falls, and a little climb down the rocks to get to the falls themselves (nothing like scrambling to the fairy pools!). The falls were really pretty; I could imagine how busy it would be in summer with people wanting to swim there. It was a really nice spot, pretty calm and relaxing. We had a little bit of an explore along the rock beside the falls and pools before heading back to the van for the long drive to Byron Bay.


Looking down on cedar creek falls

We decided to stay at Arts Factory, a Nomads hostel at Byron, best known for being in the latest Inbetweeners movie. The place had a really quirky vibe to it, with hut dorms along a lake, live music and regular bush walks. It was totally different to the other places we had stayed, but we loved it. We ended up staying two nights, because we could camp in the van on the carpark and still use the hostels facilities. We got to the hostel pretty late too, so by staying the extra day, it left us a full day to explore Byron Bay.


Relaxing at Arts Factory

The next morning, we headed to the beach to walk through Cape Byron national park, up to the lighthouse. It was a pretty long hike; the views were amazing. The walks probably wouldn’t take as long if we weren’t so blown away by the scenery! We also saw some whales again while we were there.

Along the way, we got to the most eastern point of mainland Australia! It was very windy haha! Some people had left love lockets on the fence there, but not many. I wonder if it will set off a new trend…


Windswept and interesting on the most eastern point

It wasn’t far from there that we got to the lighthouse. It was very picturesque. You could go inside for a coin donation, but we had not a scrap of cash on us so we didn’t get to go inside. The views from around it were pretty spectacular so we weren’t too bothered.


After our walk we made it back to the hostel with all intentions of heading back into Byron for something to eat and a few drinks, but by the time we got back and sat down we decided a few ciders and listening to the live music was a much easier task! We had another early morning on the cards, and another packed day ahead of us.

Bye for now



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