Killen Falls and an interesting drive…

We left Byron Bay bright and early so we could detour to a waterfall on Emigrant Creek, Killen Falls. It was a short drive from Byron to the walking track for the falls, and we got there pretty early so there wasn’t a soul on the carpark when we arrived.

The walk to the lookout over the falls was a short and fairly easy one. The view from above was pretty awesome, listening to the sound of the falls crashing down. As impressive as it was, we didn’t see the sheer power of it until we made our way down there.

Killen falls (2).JPG

View from above the falls

We carried on down a narrow little dirt track that looked almost like we shouldn’t be there (there were fences and signs though so its ok!). We walked for quite some time, the path getting narrower and narrower, and we got further from the falls. Eventually we came to the end of the path and a rocky decent down to the pools. Treading very carefully, we made our way down, and once we reached the waters edge, we had to manoeuvre our way over rocks back towards the falls.

Killen falls (3)

Killen Falls

It was worth the climb to see the sheer power of the falls crashing down to the pool. It would have been an awesome spot to swim if it had been a few degrees warmer (this is what you get for heading south during winter I guess).

Killen falls (8)

Getting soaked behind the falls

We continued over rocks to walk behind the falls. I got a bit too close and got soaked! The things we do for photos! We hung around for a while, admiring the surroundings and taking some pictures, before making our way back up the track.

Back at the van, we set off for our next destination. We were heading for Coffs Harbour, but it was a fair way so we decided to find a campsite along the way. However, not before visiting another of Australia’s big things!


Big Prawn!

The Big Prawn! Now on a Bunnings car park, but still pretty impressive. Originally built in 1989, the Big Prawn underwent a much needed make over in 2013 and is now an impressive 9 meters high and 35 tonnes of crustacean beauty.

After the excitement of the prawn, we carried on our journey to find a campsite. That’s were the real fun began. We have been using a little app called WikiCamps to find suitable places to stay. This time we found a site that was $10 for the two of us! This would have been the cheapest stay so far. However, this site was in a little town called Ulong, and while only a short distance from Coffs Harbour, the drive involves a long, steep, windy road; which in our little green van, was somewhat of a challenge.

After the somewhat difficult drive, we reached Ulong. If you have seen a certain film about backpackers going missing in Australia, this is the vibe that place gave off. It could have been the nicest town in NSW, but the abandoned theatre and rusty old gas pump gave all the wrong vibes. Not only that but this town was wayyyyyy out of the way, and the road out of town would not have made for an easy escape (not saying we would have needed it, but you know, just incase).


Cruiser πŸ™‚ our campsite friend

So we headed back down the windy road to a little town called Nana Glen, where we found a charming little site with a friendly grounds man named John. His horse, Cruiser, roamed around the field while we were there, and his dog, Peg, came over to say hi. I felt much more comfortable here.


Bushmans Tv apparently πŸ˜‰

John even set us up with a campfire for the night, which was much appreciated because it was soooo cold! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay there, and it set us up nicely for the next part of our trip.

Bye for now




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