Very happy girl at Valery Trails.

PONY TIME!!! I mean, I went for a nice sophisticated two hour hack through the wilderness. After leaving Coffs Harbour, we drove inland a little to find Valery Trails. This horse riding centre had been recommended to me by a friend, and the staff at the YHA said it was a great place too. I was eager to get back in the saddle, so I was already sold.

However, no one warned us about the long gravel track we would have to drive on in order to get there! The poor van rattled all the way up there, but got us there in time (no thanks to the sat nav!) safe and sound.


Eager to get going, I signed all the paper work, fitted myself with a helmet, and played with the farm dog until it was time to ride. I was paired with Bonnie, the dominant (and somewhat stroppy) mare of the group. She wasn’t a fan of folks up her backside, and liked to do things her way. We got on pretty well! After a couple of attempts to knock me off with the trees and me reassuring her I was going no where, we soon got used to each other.


The two hour hack took us up through Pine Creek rainforest; through low hanging vines, across creeks and over vast fields. We even got to trot and canter. I haven’t been riding since I was back at University, so that first canter really was exhilarating; reminded me just why I fell in love with riding. Its so different canter up hill, compared to cantering around the smooth riding school!


I had the most amazing time, and Ryan even ended up enjoying it! The staff were amazing and super friendly. I would highly recommend Valery Trails as a great day out for anyone near Coffs Harbour, our two hour hack only cost $65 each.

After the hack we were pretty tired and sore, so we made our way down to Port Macquarie. We did, however, stop at The Honey Place along the way. It has to been one of the creepiest things ever! There was a viewing area for a working hive which was pretty cool, but then there were also some creepy looking dolls and mannequins which I really wasn’t fond of.


Needless to say, we didn’t spend much time there. We carried on to our campsite at Nambucca Heads, where we settled down for the night.

Bye for now




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