Central Coast, A Hidden Gem

Just a quick post today, but I really felt like I needed to write about the Central Coast, even though e only stayed for a few days, and it was a very relaxed visit, it was a beautiful place to pass through.

A friend of mine had kindly offered to let us crash at her place for a few nights before we headed to Sydney. She took us to The Entrance, to see the wild pelican feeding. That was an experience! The entrance is near the start of the Central Coast, so the place gets a bit of passing tourism. The pelican feeding takes place every day at 3.30pm, and allows people to get really close to these magnificent birds.


However, getting close to the birds also means getting close to flying bits of their fishy dinner! It was a fun and interesting experience. The birds were obviously very comfortable around people, as they weren’t afraid to get close to people; some even pushed people out of the way to get close to the feeders.

Pelican feeding at the Entrance

 After visiting our friend, we decided to camp for a couple of nights, before Sydney, on the Central Coast. We headed to Patonga in our van, and the drive was amazing. Some of the views were just beautiful. We drove along the coast most of the way, or through forests, before we got to our campsite.


By the time we got to camp the sun was just about to go down, which was beautiful to watch from our spot on site, just in front of the water’s edge where the pelicans were gathered. We had a couple of friendly ducks who came over to say Hi, and make their presence known.




The next morning, we had our breakfast taking in the views, then had a stroll around the area. We had a walk along the beaches, before stopping at the pub for a beer. Patonga is a really nice, quiet seaside town. 

After Patonga we spent a night at Canton Beach. It was just a short stop over before heading to Sydney the next day, but again it was a gorgeous spot, right on the water front. 


I only wish we had been able to explore more of the Central Coast, because I feel like it is a hidden gem. I didn’t see any other backpackers or many tourists at all for that matter, mostly Australians enjoying  a few days away, or their Christmas in July. I feel like the locals are keeping Central Coast a nice hidden spot for themselves, and I don’t blame them one bit.

Bye now



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