Arriving in Sydney

So after 8 months in Australia, we finally made it to Sydney! Ryan and myself arrived on Thursday 28th of July, and would be meeting our friend Matt from the airport the following day for a busy weekend in the city before we hit the road.

So Ryan and I, arrived at Base Sydney around lunch time on Thursday, which was obviously too early to check in. We dropped our bags off and decided to go for a wonder. The shopping arcades are in gorgeous buildings, one in particular, was just a short walk from the hostel. The Queen Victoria building is a late nineteenth century building which houses high end fashion stores, cafes and restaurants. It conveniently connects underground with other shopping arcades around the CBD.


We didn’t venture too far, as we knew we would be exploring more the next day when Matt arrived. We did however, find a delicious little chocolate bar called Choc Pot. Like we always do, we ordered wayyy too much. I had a gorgeous hot chocolate and a beautiful cherry apple pie pancake, then had to waddle down the street back to the hostel.


Friday, Matt arrived at the hostel bright and early, and because the staff are awesome, we managed to get him checked in straight away and stick his bags up in the room. We headed out for the day to browse the city a bit more. We walked around the shops and tried to get Matt used to life in Australia. We headed toward Hyde Park for a nice stroll around, and we relaxed in the sun by the fountain for a while.


After our walk we found ourselves at Sydney’s Australia Museum. The museum was really good, very similar to the Natural History Museum in London, but with a lot more Australia! I really enjoyed learning about the Aussie wildlife (obviously), the boys enjoyed running around and playing the interactive pieces; because you know, boys will be boys. It killed a few hours and was actually really interesting. Once we had finished in there, we headed back out to Hyde Park.


As a bit of a last minute decision, we headed up to the Sydney Tower Eye. We paid our ticket and headed through a walkway towards the 4D film. The film showed a rainbow lorikeet flying thorough Sydney, showcasing the city. It was really fun, and gave us some ideas of what to do during our stay. After the film we headed up to the Sky Tower. The Tower provided a 360 degree view of the city.  Up there we saw our first glimpse of the Sydney Opera house, and the Harbour Bridge (little did we know we would be a heck of a lot closer to that bridge in a few days).


So that was a nice way to start off our time in Sydney! Just getting our bearings and doing a spot of sightseeing.  We had a lot more to pack in over the next few days!

Bye for now



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