Board Walk from Bondi Beach

Saturday morning, we headed to the train station and made our way to Bondi Beach.  We arrived at Bondi bright and early, so went for a stroll down the beach. We checked out the art work along the way, which I thought was REALLY cool, then relaxed on the beach for a while; as the camel rides walked around us.


Bondi Beach Art

Once we had enjoyed the beach for a while (and had enough of the camel smell!), we decided to do the 6km boardwalk from Bondi beach to Coogee beach. The coastal walk offers exquisite views, and is usually made up of six sections. However, on our walk, areas where sectioned off due to storm damage. It wasn’t too bad though, we just took small detours (on of which was pretty steep!).

The walk starts at the bottom of Notts Avenue and passes the iceberg pools. After that we would have continued on the cliff walk, but the pathway was blocked for maintenance after storm damage. Some of the pathway had crumbled away, and the railings had been knocked down. We took a detour until we were back on the walkway.


Bondi Beach

We stopped at Bronte for some fish and chips, and to sit on the grass and enjoy the sunshine. I had calamari rings and chips, which were just what I needed to get me the rest of the way! Marks Park had some gorgeous coastal views. The rock formations on the cliffs were nice and flat so you could walk across them (carefully) for an even better view.

The walk took us a few hours, but that included our stop for lunch, and numerous photos. It was a gorgeous walk along the coast, with some really beautiful views. Once we arrived at Coogee, we rewarded ourselves with a nice cold beer at the Pavilion, before jumping on the bus back to Sydney CBD. It was so nice to be back at the beach, but we had much more of Sydney left to see!


Enjoying Bondi Beach

Bye for now



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