Sight Seeing in Sydney

So, we had already had a glimpse of Sydney’s sights from the Sky Tower, but on Sunday, we decided to go and get a closer look by walking around Circular Quay. First of all, we headed down to the Rocks, to browse the markets.


The Rocks Market

The markets showcase original artworks, clothes designed and made by the stallholders, and handmade food and drinks. Matt and myself treated ourselves to some homemade lemonade that was delicious and refreshing.

After browsing the market, we walked we headed down to the harbour to see the Opera house from across the water. We got a nice view, and enjoyed listening to the buskers along the way, before we carried on around the harbour to the opera house.


On the way to the Opera House

The opera house was a lot different to what I expected. When you get closer you see that the building isn’t a pure white, it is actually made of different tiles, combining white and an off-white colour. It took three years to develop, and they are made of a porous material which make it self-cleaning. The sail-like structures are separate, whereas I always thought of it as one building. The different sections house different showrooms, and a restaurant. We had a look around inside, but  did not go on the full tour.


Front Steps to the Opera House

After having a mooch around inside, we sat out in the sun and enjoyed a glass of wine at the Opera Bar. The weather was beautiful, so we sat there for a few hours, just taking in the sights, before walking back to the hostel through the botanical garden.


Looking windswept on the Manly Ferry

On Monday, we boarded the Manly ferry, for the 30 minute trip from the harbour to Manly Wharf. The trip in famous for its views of the harbour, it was great to see the harbour bridge, opera house, and the city all from that angle. The weather wasn’t the best, but it was still worth the trip.

Once we made it to Manly, we spent some time on the beach and walked around the shops before heading back to the city for our final activity in Sydney, the harbour bridge climb! We were booked onto the last climb of the evening, so had a bit of waiting to do; which did absolutely nothing good for my nerves! I was terrified!


Manly Beach

I didn’t feel much better once I had all the gear on. I was excited and nervous all bundled into one. After going through the safety talks and a practice of walking up and down the steep stairs, we headed out. We had to walk across a thin wooden walkway, to the first set of stairs. After that we had to make our way across on of the steel beams alongside the railway, minding our heads along the way, to another set of stairs.

Climbing the stairs felt a bit odd. You could only climb each set of stairs after the person in front of you had finished, leaving big gaps between you. It was one of the worse bits of the climb, but was over pretty quickly. After that it was the climb up the bridge arc.


The three of us on Harbour Bridge

By this time, the sun had gone down and the city lights were gleaming. The climb from there was spectacular. The views were just insane; I’ve never seen anything like it. The city was beautiful at night and we could see Sydney for miles and miles. The opera house looked amazing too! Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any camera or anything with us on the climb, they took a few photos for us though.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

 The climb was an awesome experience that I would recommend to everyone! It was worth the sickening nerves I had all day, it was worth the sweaty palms as I first stepped on to the wooden walkway and it was well worth the money. It was the best thing we did during our time in Sydney, and a great way to end the trip.

Bye for now



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