On The Road to The Blue Mountains

Tuesday 2nd August, we set off from Sydney bright and early to pick up the van from our friend’s house.  The train back up the Central Coast gave Matt a glimpse of the sights we would see on the road. I can never get over how beautiful this country. Just a simple train ride and you can see so many beautiful sights.

Once we had picked up the van, we made our way down to the Blue Mountains. Our campsite was in Blackheath which was a fair drive from where we left the van. We didn’t arrive until the evening and the weather was awful! It was super foggy and actually pretty chilly. The camp kitchen at the site had heating! So we made some dinner and had a few drinks in the nice warm kitchen.

Scenic World (9)

A very foggy view

We woke up the next morning to be greeted by similar miserable weather. We drove to Scenic world, hoping for better conditions, but unfortunately we couldn’t see a thing with all the fog! We decided to skip scenic world and try again tomorrow, as we didn’t want to waste our money. Instead we headed to the lookout for the Three Sisters.

The three sisters are three rock formations, which, due to the joints (vertical weaknesses) and erosion, stand alone. There were apparently originally seven pillars, but the others collapsed over time. We got to the lookout at Echo Park and were greeted with more fog. So we couldn’t actually see the sisters. Instead we headed down the walking track, to try and get a better view.


Freezing at the Three Sisters

The walk took us all the way down to the sisters, and across a little bridge where we could stand on Swas really cool to stand on it though, and the fog was a little clearer, so we got a glimpse of the national park and its vastness.


The fog starting to clear

We cut our losses and headed back to the van to try our luck at Wentworth Falls. We arrived there around lunch time, and the weather still wasn’t too promising, so we stopped off for some lunch at the conservation hut. I had a gorgeous homemade pie, which set me up nicely for the rest of the day. By the time we had finished in there the weather had perked up a little. So we headed down the walking track which took us to the falls.


Wentworth Falls

As we made our way down, the fog started to clear and the weather really brightened up. The falls were beautiful, and we started a little bit of a walk around the cliff face to see some gorgeous views of the national park. It ended up being a really nice afternoon.


Wentworth Falls

On our way back to the campsite, we took a quick detour to Grovetts Leap, another lookout across the blue mountains. The view was amazing. Just green as far as the eye can see.  What started out as a bleak down, turned out to be pretty awesome.


Wentworth Falls


Walking along the cliff at Wentworth Falls

The next day we decided to try our look again at Scenic World. The weather was pretty misty again, but we were hopeful that it would clear the same way as the day before. We descended into the rainforest via the worlds steepest railway! That was fun. A bit scary being on the front row, but a fun way to start the day. It was considerably clearer down in the rainforest, so we decided to take the longest boardwalk around the forest. Seeing the native plants, and learning about the mining that used to take place there was really interesting.


Blue Mountains


We took the cable car back up to the main building. On the cable car we got some pretty nice views of the national park, however it was still misty; but it was world heritage listed mist 😉 as our guide informed us. Once we were back in the building we sat down for a coffee to left the mist (and now rain) pass before we made our way to the Sky Way.

Scenic World (19)

Katoomba Falls

The sky way took us across the forest to the other mountain, where we got even better views of the forest below, and Katoomba falls. We got off at the other end and headed down the walk way to the falls. By this time the weather had started to perk up a little so we got some good views of the falls and the forest. We walked along the top of the falls before heading back to the sky way, back to the main building.

Scenic World (21)

Katoomba Falls

The Blue Mountains were truly amazing; I only wish the weather had been a little better. However, we still had an amazing time and learnt so much. After scenic world, we continued on the road to our next camp in Woollongong.

Bye for now xoxo


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