Jervis Bay and Canberra

After all the miserable weather as the Blue Mountains, we were pretty desperate for some sunshine. Poor Matt had come all this way and only had one day without a jacket. When we arrived at Woollongong, it was, you guested it, raining. By this time, we were getting pretty sick of being soggy. So we headed across the road to the pub! To do what us Brits do best, drown our sorrows. We treated ourselves to a nice meal and a few beers, while the rain poured down.


The next day looked much more promising! The sun was shining and it was only spitting a little. So we jumped back in the van and headed to Jervis Bay, in search of the whitest sandy beaches. After somewhat of a GSP muck up, we eventually found an information centre, where the lovely lady inside guided me to the right beach. We made our way to Hyams Beach, and finally the sun was shining.


When we arrived at the beach, we were pretty amazed by just how white the sand was! It really was gorgeous. We had a walk along the beach, climbed across some of the rock pools, and just enjoyed having the sun on our skin.


Once we had had our fill of sun, sea, and sand (and were pretty hungry), we set off for our next destination. We had found a little campsite just outside of Canberra. We arrived at the campsite pretty late in the afternoon, and the boys were keen to go to the cinema to see suicide squad. So we spent the evening in Canberra at the cinema.


On Saturday, we ventured into Canberra again, to visit Parliament House. It was really impressive from the outside, and much to our surprise, we could go inside for a walk around. Inside was even more impressive! Everything was smooth and polished, the staircases were made with gorgeous marble and you could tell every detail had been thoroughly thought through.  We walked around the building, sat down in both the House of Commons and Representatives, and the Senate room. We even walked along the rooftop, which showcased some pretty nice views of Canberra.


After exploring the Parliament House, we set off for the long drive to Eden which would take us to the edge of New South Wales.

Bye for now



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