Canberra to Melbourne

So after sightseeing in Canberra, we set off to our next camp in Eden. It was a fair drive, down a very long secluded road. You never fully understand how big Australia, but when you are driving down a single road, with nothing but land, mountains, and your one road, for as far as the eye can see, only then can you truly begin to fathom the size of this country.  Much of the drive to Eden was just one secluded road through the countryside.


Once we arrived at our camp in Eden, we were assigned our spot, way down in the back of beyond. Although we were a fair way from almost everyone else, we did have a few little friends, a couple of kangaroos with joeys in their pouches. I was super excited as they were real close to our van, and weren’t particularly shy. The joeys were getting on a bit too, the one poked his head out and ate the grass as his mom fed too. The camp kitchen at Eden was pretty cosy, so we treated ourselves to a Chinese (although it wasn’t much of a treat ), and a few beers I’d been saving from Black Duck Brewery.


The next day we headed down to the beach, to walk the whale watching board walk. Along the walk were stories of ships that had passed through the bay, and how fisher men once worked with the orcas to catch whales, and shared the bounty with their fellow hunters. It was a beautiful walk along the beach. Once we made it back to the van we continued to our next stop in Bairnsdale.


The drive to Bairnsdale would take us from New South Wales to Victoria, a new state, which was pretty exciting for us. Little did we realise, crossing the border would be more eventful than we bargained for. Not long after we made our way into Victoria, the drive got considerably more bumpy and then something was obviously up with the van. We pulled over, and just as Ryan had said, the driver’s side tire had blown. Not as tragic as it could have been, the boys changed the tire on the side of the road, and we were soon on our way again. What is an Australia road trip, without a minor tragedy 😉


Not long after, we reached our camp in Bairnsdale, and the boys, pumped with testosterone, decided it was beer o’clock. We got the camp chairs out, and enjoyed the last few hours of sunlight.


The next day we decided to take Matt to his first winery, Nelsons River Winery. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a lovely lady who showed Matt and myself, through the wines available. She was incredibly informative, and very chatty. Once we had decided on our favourite, we had a little walk around the grounds. Nelsons River winery is beautiful, they have a gorgeous garden area, some delightful wildlife and beautiful scenery.


Once we had had our fill there, we carried on to the next campsite at 90 mile beach. The campsite in Seaspray was lovely. The lady at reception, Kim, was so lovely, super chatty, and really helpful. We wondered down a small portion of the vast beach in search of some lunch. The only store around, had already closed their kitchen, and the weather began to look a little bleak, so we made our way back to camp. As we made it back, we popped in to see Kim who had recommended the store for some food. Once we told her it was closed she told us she had some bacon, eggs and beans available! This was a massive luxury for us, so we brought them, and had a super indulgent dinner and chilled out in the camp kitchen for a while.


I really enjoyed Seaspray, not sure if it was the full belly or the lovely Kim, but it really put a smile on our faces. The next morning, we were up nice and early to make our way to Melbourne! Where we would be staying for a few days.

Bye for now




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