Great Ocean Road – Day 1

We left Melbourne, after getting a couple of new tires for the van, we headed towards the Great Ocean Road!! I was so excited for this part of the trip. I’d seen so many beautiful pictures on various destination accounts on Instagram. Our first campsite was near Torquay, Matt had booked a skydive and so we had to be up early the next day, so didn’t venture far. The campsite was a little bit creepy, it had a very hill-billy type vibe to it. It wasn’t particularly friendly and we were the only campers there. Fortunately, it was only for one night!


First stop on the Great Ocean Road.


The next day we were up bright and early so Matt could go for his skydive. The weather was really good so it was all over in a couple of hours, putting us ahead of schedule, so we decided to hit the road. We started our trip down the Great Ocean road, driving to Kennett River first. We stopped at a few look outs along the way. The road was beautiful, we were driving right alongside the ocean, around cliffs and over connecting rivers.


Great Ocean Road Views


Along the way, we passed under the, Great Ocean memorial arch. The arch is actually the third one, as the first two were destroyed by bush fires. The arch was built as tribute to veterans of world war one. It was pretty impressive to pass through.   


Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch


Once we reached Kennett River, we made a stop for some lunch. It was a small place, that you probably wouldn’t notice if you weren’t looking for it. We had a snack from the café there, the people were lovely and very funny, it was obviously a little family run business.


Feeding the rosella parrots at Kennett River


Once we had finished our food, we had a little walk over the road to the nearby caravan park, as I had heard that there were wild koalas around. There were lots of wild birds around, and they were super friendly! We brought a bag of bird feed from the café and had a great time feeding them! The king parrots and rosella parrots landed on our arms and heads to take some of the feed. The cockatoos were a little more cautious, and some were a little more bossy!


Making friends with the king parrots.


There were also some wild koalas snoozing in the trees. This was the first time I had seen wild koalas so I was super excited.


Cockatoos at Kennett River



Sleepy Koala at Kennett River

Once the bird seed had run out, we carried on to our campsite in Apollo Bay. This camp was much fancier than the last. It had a nice kitchen and even a games room. We treated ourselves to a decent cooked meal (curry yum!) and a few glasses of wine, while we chilled out ready for the next day.



Beach views on the Great Ocean Road


Bye for now


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