Little Desert National Park, and a Surprise Along the way.

Travel blog Tuesday is officially a go! I am back on home soil, with a solid internet connection, so I’ve got this 😉  Hopefully I can start writing about a few other things too 😀 Stay tuned….

So anyway, we left the Grampians National park and headed to our next stop on the journey to Adelaide.

Little Desert National Park was north-west of the Grampians, so seemed like a good place to stop. The drive was pretty long but we did have a little surprise along the way. We were driving along and all of a sudden I saw a PINK Lake! I was so excited! I shouted to the boys and Ryan quickly pulled over. We headed down to take some photos and I rushed ahead like the huge kid I am! A pink lake! It was so awesome.


The mystery machine, and a pink lake!


I thought there was only one pink lake, in Western Australia, so I couldn’t believe my luck. That pretty much made my day. After I had taken about a million photos (and calmed down a little!), we continued on.


So pink!!


The camp was a nature reserve which a huge electric gate to get in. This put the boys on edge but I was super intrigued. What were they keeping in or out? As we pulled up to the car park we were greeted by an Emu! We later found out his name was George, well King George to be exact.


King George himself



We decided to book on to a nocturnal bush walk with the manager who was awesome. He was super chatty and very informative. On the walk we saw and fed some Brushtail Betongs and Rufus Betongs. The Brushtails are very rare and not many Australians will ever see on. The park are trying to breed them for reintroduction.


Cute noisy little betongs


We watched them eating and squeaking before he showed us some more critters. He also had some curlews. He described them as Australia’s freaky bird, but I liked them. They made strange crying sounds, and were much shyer than the betongs. We also saw a couple of sugar gliders, who were super cute and inquisitive. I’ve only ever saw one before at the RSPCA but he wasn’t a happy chappy, these ones were much friendlier.

It was a great tour and I’d really recommend staying at the Little Desert National Park Nature Lodge. The guys who work there are awesome and we had a great time. In the morning we set off after breakfast (after a brief stand off with George over my avo on toast), to our next stop, Adelaide!

Bye for now



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