Adelaide – Wine country!

Adelaide was our last big stop before Matt had to fly home, and what better way to end your time in Australia than in its very own wine capital! We spent the first few days in the centre of Adelaide, at a campsite that was just a short walk from the Botanical gardens.


Adelaide Botanical Gardens

On our first day, we decided to explore a bit. We had a wonder through the botanical gardens. The gardens were lovely, there was lots to look at, and different green houses to wonder through. One place had a huge lily pond that was beautiful, but being an amazon water lily, it was soooo hot in there!! My glasses steamed up the instant I stepped inside.


Water Lily

Crossing through the gardens took us to the main town, where we had a wonder around. It was mostly bars and restaurants. Gorgeous looking restaurants at that. It was a quiet little town, not like the other cities we had visited, but it had a nice relaxed vibe to it, and was actually pretty picturesque in places. We had lunch at a schnitzel place that was really nice, and stopped for a glass of wine in a sunny beer garden. It was just a real relaxed time.


Adelaide town

While we were at our camp, I was going out of my mind because I could hear gibbons. All I could think is ‘why on earth can I hear gibbons, they aren’t native here, this is so bizarre.’ Little did I realise, until we walked back and checked, that Adelaide zoo is right by the botanical gardens, and maybe a 5/10 minute walk from out campsite. Mystery solved! So that’s were we headed the next day.


Red Panda at Adelaide Zoo

The zoo was pretty awesome, they had lots of native animals (Matt got to see his first echidna), and they had some pretty cool exotics too. They even had a couple of giant pandas; they were asleep the whole day, but still pretty cool! I enjoyed the walk through aviaries, it was nice to get a bit closer to the birds. We had a lot of fun at the zoo!


Red tailed black cockatoo at Adelaide Zoo

After the zoo, we moved on and drove to the Barossa. We arrived pretty late, so just chilled out in the camp kitchen and made some dinner. The next day we headed to the information centre to grab a map of the wineries and plan our attack. Matt had never been on a wine tour before, so he had an interesting day ahead of him 😉


I do ❤ the Barossa

The first place we went to was called Artisans. It was a gorgeous place that had wines from 6 nearby wineries. We tried all of the different wines, and Matt found he enjoyed the Riesling wine the most, even though he generally prefers red 😛  I found I liked pretty much all of them but hey I’m not fussy 😉 The lady who hosted us, Lucy, was amazing. She knew everything there was to know about each wine, and made sure we enjoyed ourselves.


Artisans Vineyard

On her advise, we headed to Gibsons vineyard next. This place was much smaller & we were the only people in there. The guy serving us was lovely, and we had a right laugh with him. Like Lucy, he gave us some advice on where to check out, and even told us about a nice little pub to go to for lunch.


Gibsons Vineyard

After lunch, when we had got some food in the novice to sober him up 😉 , we headed to the next winery. Chateau Dorrien was pretty different to anywhere else we had been. It was a huge place, very grand looking. When we walked inside it had a huge oldey timey looking bar, with a lovely lady who served us. They also made their own honey mead! I had never had mead before, but this was gorgeous. Really sweet and soothing, she served it warm which was really nice too.


Chateau Dorrien

Once we had had our fill there, we headed back to camp. We wanted to give the designated driver a chance to taste the Barossa. There was a vineyard just 10-15 minute walk from our camp, so we headed up the hill, enjoying the fresh air. Turkey Flat was a nice looking place, once we got inside the young lad serving us told us a bit about the grounds. He told us that the building we were in was once a slaughter house! That made me a little uneasy, but you could tell the whole place had a history to it. The wine there was pretty nice, and Ryan was happy to finally get a glass or two. We headed back to camp after that, we didn’t want Matt to have too much of a wine headache for his flight the next day.


Turkey Flat Vineyard


On our final day in Adelaide, we made one last stop before heading to the airport. We headed to Jacob’s Creek vineyard that morning. It was a huge estate! The biggest I had seen. It had its own  café, bar and shop. It even had a museum as you walked in which told you all about the land, the company, its history and development, and even showcased some of their most famous wines. The wines were really nice, and they had a huge selection. The service wasn’t as personal as the smaller places but it was pleasant enough. Jacob’s Creek had to be one of the most impressive places I had seen.


Jacob’s Creek


That afternoon, we dropped off Matt at the airport. It was sad saying goodbye again, and the van felt a bit empty without him. Ryan and I already had our next adventure in our sights, and it was going to be a long drive to get there!

Bye for now


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