Searching for Sharks in the Yorke Peninsula

Saying goodbye to Matt at the airport was a little bit emotional, we had all had such a great time. I was going to miss his in car karaoke entertainment. We couldn’t dwell for too long though, Ryan and I had a long drive ahead of us. We were heading for Port Lincoln, for an activity that had been top of my bucket list for a long time! Diving with Great White sharks!


Yorke Peninsula



We set off right away to make as much progress as we could before the sun went down. We found a little car park in St Kilda; where a lady who owned a chip shop / convenience store let us park up for the night for a small fee. She was a lovely lady, who gave us extra chips so we had a good fill for the night. The car park was right by the sea, so the sunset was lovely.


Some of the views along the way

We set off early the next day. The drive was awesome! One side of the road was endless fields of yellow and green, and huge mountain ranges, but the other was dusty and desert like.  I think we got as near to the outback as we were ever going to see. The sun was shining the whole way, which always puts me in a good mood. It was a long drive, but we made it to Port Lincoln earlier than we expected.



As close to the outback as we will get!


Port Lincoln is a tiny place, so it didn’t take us long to find camp. The campsite was right by the sea. We parked up, and the view from our van was beautiful. With the pelicans perched on the rocks and the sound of the sea, it was a gorgeous spot.


As we had arrived early, we had a day to kill before the big dive, so we spent much of the day sorting out the van and packing. This was out last stop on the list, we were planning to sell the van and head north, so it had to be ready. After packing, I had a walk along the coast. I always find the sea so refreshing and relaxing. I sat on the huge rocks in the sea and watched some dolphins playing near by. It was incredible. I’ve seen lots of dolphins on this trip, but it never gets less magical.



Sunrise on the day of our dive.


We had an early night as we had to be up at the crack of dawn the next day. We were up before the sun on the 27th of August (yes that’s who far behind I am on blogging!!). We waited for the taxi to the marina as the sun rose. The morning glow was even more beautiful as we boarded the boat.  The ride to the sharks took around three hours, and for the first time in my life I was sea sick!! I’ve been going on boat trips on holiday for as long as I can remember, so I was pretty annoyed at my body for letting me down this time, but nothing was going to ruin this day for me!



Beautiful view from the boat.


The ship anchored down, and we waited. Each group were given their wetsuits, and we stood waiting for the sharks to show themselves. Ryan got pooped on by a bird, and the girls on the boat said that was usually a lucky sign which meant we should see some sharks! Low and behold, the first one appeared. Group one hurried into the cage, as we stood around and watched. Even with my sea sick wobbles, seeing the shark come right up to the boat and snatch the bait was incredible. Before we knew it, it was our turn to get in the cage.



My first glimpse of a great white shark.


I descended into the cage, the cold water was brisk but refreshing. However, with the cage been just on the surface, it did bob about a lot, which really didn’t help my already churning stomach, but I was determined to see it through. I clung to the cage to try and steady myself, and as soon as I saw my first glimpse of the shark as it swam right beside me, I forgot all about my spinning stomach. The shark we saw was around three meters long, and beautiful. He silently glided through the water. I was blown away. Too soon our groups time was up, so up out of the cage we climbed.


It was freezing back on the boat, and although there was talk of potential second dives if there was time, we dried off and got ourselves warm in time for lunch. After lunch, the last group were given a second dive because they didn’t see much on their dive. They were so lucky because a big 4.5 meter bad looking fella came by. They offered a second chance to our group too but it had to be quick. So I chucked on my swimsuit, and jumped in without a wetsuit! Man, that was cold! It was so worth it though, this guy was huge! He obviously knew what he was doing as he hit the bait every time, not like the last one. I was filming for a while, and I thought he had left so stopped the film. As I pressed stop, his huge beast swam directly up from the dark beneath and propelled up out of the water as he grabbed the bait. It was incredible.



The second (bigger!!) shark.



To finish off a magical day, some dolphins and a seal swam alongside the boat as we returned back to Port Lincoln. The whole day was awesome, the crew were so lovely and didn’t stop feeding us all day. If you are ever considering doing a shark dive I would recommend it until I’m blue in the face! It was worth all the driving to get there, it was worth the money. It was honestly one of the best thing I have ever done. To be face to face with a great white shark, it is honestly incredible.



Friendly dolphins to end an amazing day.


We were pretty beat that night after such an amazing day, so we soon hit the hay, in preparation for another day of driving.

Bye for now




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