Cheapfrills Christmas Goodies! 

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a huge magpie! Now that I’m home, I can finally accessorise again ❤ No more backpacker chic 😉 

I love finding absolute gems from smaller independent businesses, and I have been following Cheapfrills for years! I brought the cat ear rings and the rabbit in a hat necklace back in 2012 and fell in love with Georgia’s work. Not only that, but she’s a lovely lady!

One thing I love from Cheapfrills are the goodie bags! So when I made it back on English soil, I decided to treat myself to a Christmas goodie bag. They are such a bargain at £10, for a minimum of four pieces! 


Christmas lucky dip

I can’t pass up a bargain, hence my love of these goodie bags and have brought many in the past. I even purchased a Halloween one. Although I’m not a huge Halloween fan (too scary for me!), I split the bag up kept a piece for myself and gifted the rest out to friends 🙂 

This goodie bag was my little post travelling treat to myself, and what a treat it is! I scored 5 (!)  pieces; 3 necklaces and 2 rings. 


My festive goodies

One thing I love about receiving goodies from Georgia, is the adorable packaging and the personal touches 🙂 All the pieces were individually wrapped and packaged with sparkling snowflake sequins. 


Gorgeous packaging

So let’s talk necklaces! Three adorable Christmas themed gems. 


Christmas pud, angel wing, & santas hat necklaces

The Christmas pudding has to be my favourite. It’s the perfect size to be announced as the cutest little Christmas pud I’ve seen. The vibrant little holly on top is just perfect.


Christmas pudding necklace

The other two necklaces are slightly more subtle, but still gorgeous. The Santa hat and angel wing are delicate and dainty, perfect to add that little festive touch to an outfit. I love the splash of shiny red on the Santa hat, that’s the magpie in me 😉 


Santa necklace

The rings were awesome too. Now I struggle with buying rings as I (unfortunately) inherited my fathers fingers *rolls eyes into oblivion*, but these ones fit nicely!


Lucky dip rings

The sparkly glittery snowflake is sooo pretty. Not only is it cute, but it’s adjustable! I know some people are a bit “urgh” about adjustable rings but I’m all for it. Come on! Practicality people! 


Snowflake ring

I absolutely love the little reindeer ring! I was secretly hoping this would be in my bag, after seeing it on the Cheapfrills Instagram (@cheapfrills). The adorable little tail is a cute hidden treat. 


Reindeer ring

The thing I love most about this ring is that it doesn’t have to be seasonal! Stags always seem to be in fashion, and it stacks really nicely with my gold ring that I always wear 🙂 This cutie is going to get some wear. 


Cheapfrills ring stacked with my own ring

Unfortunately the Christmas goodie bag is now finished, but it’s not too late to get your hands on some other festive pieces. Check out the website, there’s still a couple of days remaining for Christmas delivery! You’ll have to be quick 😉 

I love buying from Georgia because she is always so lovely. When I share my goodies she always comments with a thank you, it’s those kind of personal touches that make buying from independent stores that extra bit special. If you know any hidden gems you want to share, pop them in the comments! 

Bye for now!



Worlds Away Collection

I know I’m a little late to the party on this one but I’ve been super busy smashing the hours in at work (only 4 weeks left woohoo!). 

I was stoked about this black milk clothing collection as soon as JL told us his inspiration for it, just after Gold Coast Supanova. He told us a story about a little girl who’s dad was a traveller, and she dreamed about all the magical places he would visit. Tropical dreams from a girls imagination? SOLD! 

If that didn’t do it, the sneak peaks of the collection shoot did for sure! The shoot took place at a gorgeous looking resort, which I thought was in Bali until Matt corrected me and found its actually a gem in NSW. Either way, they managed to create an awesome tropical shoot for an amazing lookbook. 


Photo from

From there we saw yet again new cuts and styles; a playsuit, new flouncy shorts, and the Rio top! Not only that but the return of some favourite cuts, such as the marylin dress, with some well loved prints!

The new cuts looked pretty awesome but the thing that did it for me this release was the amount of animal prints. As a self confessed animal nut and part time shopaholic, I was very impressed. Tigers, Jaguars, flamingos, elephants and if that wasn’t enough, there was the return of the merman fabric! 

For me the thing I was excited about, instantly, was the return of the woodchucks! With flamingos!! I’m still somewhat sad about missing the cool cat woodchucks from the Vegas release so I knew I needed these bad boys in my life. Once customer service mega babe Eden modelled the wifey top and woodchucks together, I was fully enabled. 


Wearing Flamingo flock woodchucks and wifey top.

The flamingo flock print came on two dresses (reverisble, and scoop skater), as well as the wifey top and woodchucks; so something for everyone right? 😉 When my pieces arrived, I was a little surprised to find the colour a little more grey than blue. I didn’t mind though because it still went well with the pink flamingos. The woodchucks are amazing, a little shorter than I had hoped, but super comfy (thanks to the toastie material) and the adjustable straps make them so much better! 

Now I’m not a crop top kind of girl. I love the wifey tops because they are a little more forgiving than regular crops. However, the elephant walk print was just too much for me. I fell in love with the print. I love the sketch style, and I think the image kind of embodies the whole “worlds away” idea. The crop (in my regular size) is a little snug in the ladies but it’s reversible, so I can switch it round for a little more coverage. 

🐘 🐘🐘#bmelephantwalkreversiblecrop #blackmilkclothing @blackmilkclothing

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After finding an old birthday voucher with some life left in it, I treated myself to one last piece from the collection; the merman pocket midi skirt. I have the dusk midi skirt from the wonderlust collection and I love it. Admittedly it took me a while to get used to the length but I do love it. The merman material is a lot thicker and stiffer than the chiffon of the dust midi so it feels very different. It sits different on my hips too. I’m still undecided as to whether this piece suits me but the merman material is gorgeous. It’s sparkly and subtle all at the same time! One minute your all “sophisticated black midi skirt” then the sun shines and KAPOW! Mermaid sparkle activate!

I really liked the water tiger print in this collection! I love the tones and the images, I was very tempted to get the leggings (but my bank account said no -.-). I’ve seen some girls rocking the Rio top too! It looks awesome. I wish they had made a BF bomber in this print because it really reminded me of the tropical storm print, and I wear the heck out of that bomber! 


Water Tiger Rio Top (image from

There were a lot of pieces I liked the look of but was too scared to try, such as the boss shirts! The Haeckel’s Mosses boss shirt is gorgeous, but all I could think about was the potential for a boob shelf. It’s probably a good thing that the HQ prerelease events have come to an end, *sob* that way I can’t try on all of the things *sob*, and realise I love them and spend all the money. 


Haeckel’s Mosses boss shirt (image from

If I had gotten my hands on that gorgeous new burned velvet magenta, or the almond blossom maxi, I probably would of taken them home and would have been forced to eat $1 noodles for the next month. 


Burned Velvet Magenta leggings (image from

As expected, this collection could have easily broke my bank (but I’m forced to have willpower these days). I loved the whole story behind it, much like the wonderlust collection, I kind of felt the excitement of it all because I’m currently doing the whole travelling thing. I know some people will be like “that’s stupid, they are just clothes”, but it’s not. It’s like art, I can appreciate the thought process and work that has gone on to create this collection. Before this gets too deep… the guys at BM get another thumbs up from me 😉 

Bye for now 


Off Beat by Black Milk Clothing

Are you a 90s child? Do you yearn for the simpler times of chalk boards, pokemon cards, and spice girl-esque hair buns? Where your only responsibility came in the form of a Tamagotchi? If, like me, you are part of the nostalgia generation; then Black Milk Clothing’s latest release will be right up your street!

I was really hoping (as was my bank account) that this release wouldn’t particularly catch my eye, but as the sneaks were peaked, I knew I was doomed. The 90s themed collection tells the tale of three girls who play hooky one day, and get up to all sorts of fun before they attempt to sneak back into school unnoticed. If your intrigued, check out the look book for the full story 🙂

The collection showcases some awesome new prints, a couple of new cuts, the return of the much loved wild cherries print and burned velvet elm fabric, along with some amazing new designer pieces! Not only that but UNICORNS! There are unicorns!

There wasn’t a prerelease HQ event for this collection, which meant I didn’t get a chance to try out as much as usual. However, there was a little meet up after the Gold Coast Supanova; where Matt arrived in true Del Boy fashion, with a suitcase full of shoot samples for us to check out. It was here I saw the glory that is galaxy supanova, for the first time! The print is even more vibrant and amazing in the flesh, its no wonder the inside out dress sold out! Galaxy and tartan = classic Black Milk!

My favourite printed piece of the collection has to be the buggin’ out wifey top. As an animal nerd, I love that this print was born from the fact that scientists tested the sight of preying mantis by giving them tiny 3D glasses. Although I don’t have the source to this, I have read papers where scientists have done equally crazy things, so I believe it to be true haha! Either way, what’s more 90’s than the red and blue lens glasses!


Buggin’ Out Wifey Top

I once was a wifey top sceptic, but I am fully converted now. They are an awesome cut, so comfy, and super easy to style. Even if you don’t want to wear them as a crop, there are still ways to wear them. So I was super happy to have the buggin’ out print on the wifey, I hope to see it on more in the future!

The other printed piece I love is the hyper fox! The print was available in both shorties and the new boxy crop. I opted for the crop because A) new cut, I was curious and B) I don’t have many tops! I left them all back in the UK. The psychedelic print is just amazing, it is tie dye with pastel tones featuring adorable little foxes! I love the boxy crop cut too. I stuck to my usual size, so I could get the more oversized look and I’m very happy with it.


Hyper fox boxy crop

There are so many awesome prints in this collection! The All Star nana suit was another piece I love. The bright patterned stars could not be any more 90’s! They reminds me of typical 90’s tv shows like saved by the bell, fresh prince of bel air and so on. The all star pieces are limited, so if you have your eye on them, go forth and buy!


Photo from

The In Your Dreams print was another favourite of mine. Pastel ombre and unicorns, what’s not to love?! Sadly its too hot, and I’m too British for toastie leggings here in Queensland, but the print also comes in an adorable capped sleeve skater dress! I could go on forever about all the awesome prints in this collection, but I haven’t even gotten to the designer pieces yet!


Photo from

I took a big risk this release, and opted for one of the pvc skater skirts! The pastels totally won me over, and I thought I’d give it a go. I decided to go for the mint skirt because it was the colour that I could match best to the wifey tops I already own, but it was also available in mauve and blush. I love the colour, but the pvc will take some getting used to! It looks super cute on photos, but the waistband doesn’t have any additional structure so moves around a lot (perhaps a different size would have worked better, but I’m new to this material!). I love the look of the skirt and the colour is amazing, I just have to overcome my pvc fears!

Buggin’ out wifey top and mint pastel pvc skirt

My ultimate favourite designer piece is the Soldier Jane GF Bomber. This is a new designer material and oh my, is it amazing. Its almost like wet look material with a very subtle camo pattern. It is so soft, stretchy and shiny, I cannot begin to tell you! The pattern is nice and subtle, but when the sun hits it right, BAM! Shiny shiny! I have wore this jacket so much in the few days I have owned it, because it’s Just.That.Good. My only regret is not being able to own all of the soldier Jane pieces!


Soldier Jane GF Bomber

I could go on and on about this collection but I think I’ve done enough excited rambling for one day! If you want to relive the 90’s and look damn good doing it, then check out Off Beat. Or if you have already nommed your way through the collection, let me know what you loved!

Bye for now


A Love Affair with BlackMilk Clothing

You will come to realise that a large proportion of my wardrobe was born from an Aussie company known as BlackMilk Clothing. So before I delve into countless OOTD posts, or what I brought from each collection, I thought I should explain a little.

Blackmilk clothing is an Australia based company known for its flashy leggings and inside out dresses (yep two dresses in one!). BM caught my eye back in 2014 with a Game of Thrones licenced release, which came at a perfect time, just before Ryan and I were heading to Comiccon.

My first BM purchases in 2014

It was a slippery nylon covered slope from there on! And I soon discovered the glory behind the company wasn’t just their jazzy prints or interactive social media platform, but it was the fans (or sharkies as they are known!). The community behind BM is the real gem. There are countless Facebook groups for girls and guys (yep guys too!) all across the world. And within these groups are real friendships. I know I know, some people are probably thinking “how can internet friends be REAL friends, it’s just weird” but it’s not! It’s beautiful and uplifting. I’ve seen so many acts of genuine kindness in these groups it’s inspiring. There are regular meet ups, and even large scale meet ups of beautiful nylon covered babes! I myself have made real true friends from the BM community, and I have stepped outside my comfort zone and been part of a huge UK meet up in 2015.


Sharing a cabin with 6 random girls amongs 70+ sharkies was the best weekend ever!

So in short BlackMilk clothing is not only a large part of my wardrobe, but a pretty big part of my life too. I’ve made so many awesome friends through BM and been to some wicked parties too!

And I’m sure there’s plenty more to come 😀