Back to Brissy!

A bit of a delayed Travel Tuesday today! So sorry! I just started a new job, so I’m just getting my routine back together. And of course, it’s that crazy time of year anyway. So fun fun fun!

Anywayyyy, after all the excitement in Port Lincoln, we started to head back up towards our Aussie home that is Brisbane. We originally wanted to sell the van down south and fly back up there, but with limited money and time we decided to was better to make our way back up there to work and try to sell the van there. Rather than stay in Melbourne or Adelaide and potentially run out of money before shifting the mystery machine.


Roadside Views

The plan was to get back as quickly and cheaply as possible! So we headed off on the long drive. We stopped over on service stations or rest stops to reduce cost, all the money we had left had to pay for fuel to get us back. We did see some gorgeous scenery on the way, and a couple of Australia’s landmarks, such as the dog on a tuck box and another of the ‘Big Things’.


Dog on a Tucker Box

Once back in Brisbane, we headed for the hostel, where we were well and truly looked after. We were given a room and told we would be back on the working rosta asap. Thank you Nomads! Oh yeah! Since we had been gone, the hostel had changed from Base to Nomads, which was a little odd but we soon got used to it. Most of the old reception crew had moved on, but we got to know the new guys and had a blast.


Beautiful Brissy Sunset

Now, there weren’t many big adventures while in Brissy. We were flat broke so it was work, work, work! I was determined to make enough money to get us to Cairns, I just had to see the reef. So we were both working all the hours they could throw at us, including any extra jobs that needed doing for a bar tab or free meal in the bar! Every little helps. We did have some great nights out in Down Under Bar.



❤ Love this crazy bunch ❤


I did go on one little adventure with fellow receptionist Alicia. We had a nice little date day out of town to the Piggy Back Café in Jindalee. We had to get the bus out of town, and after two failed attempts and a loop around the CBD, we were on the right bus and headed for the café. The bus dropped us right opposite, which was lucky because we had no idea where we were going. We both had a rainbow coffee and a piece of cake 🙂 The rainbow coffee was beautiful 🙂



Rainbow Coffee at the Piggy Back Cafe


Other Brisbane adventures included, regular trips to Southbank (some more sober than others), more girly lunch dates, and even Harry Potter special event with Blackmilk Clothing.



A pause from swishing in the BM Invisibility Cloak Kimono


Even though we didn’t get up to anything too wild while we were working, I loved being back in Brisbane. Its our Aussie home and we have some awesome friends there. I loved being back, and was pretty sad when it was time to go again. This was our last goodbye.





Bye for now


On The Road!

FINALLY! We are finally getting to do the travelling. After living in Brisbane for the best part of 7 months, we have finally finished working and hit the road. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of planning, packing, and goodbyes.


Just some of the Base family ❤

I have to admit it was bitter sweet saying goodbye. I fall head over heels for people; once I make friends with someone, that’s it, you’re stuck with me. Nothing prepares you for the relationships you build while travelling, and then as quick as you meet, its time to say goodbye. You make plans to meet up again, but who knows where life will take you. At least we have the joys of the internet now! It makes staying in touch that much easier!


On top of the world in Noosa

Now we are finally on the road! We left Brisbane on the 4th of July, and its been a jam-packed schedule ever since. I have sooo much to write about but limited time and wifi! We headed to Noosa from Brisbane, ready for an amazing adventure on Fraser Island ( I have to do an entire post just for that because it was AMAZING). After Noosa, we have been heading back down the coast in the van. It has been an interesting experience. Challenging at times, but man, have we seen some sights!


Some of the views on the way

Hopefully I can find time to write about it 🙂 Just know, posts are coming!

Bye for now




The Daily Grind

So I know I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been super busy at work! Ryan and myself are both working at the hostel now (he works nights and I do the day shifts), so we don’t see much of each other. When we do, its usually catching up on sleep or having a well deserved pint; making the most of our staff cards obviously. I get two days off a week, one of which being a Thursday where I spend the day volunteering at the RSPCA, which is basically my weekly therapy. I need that animal time to keep me sane! So that leaves one day a week, which may or may not be a day Ryan’s not working.

Enjoying my day off 😏🍺 #cider #drinks #guiltyrouge #brisbane #australia

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The days we have managed to get off together, we are usually both so tired out for the busy week that we spend a few hours discussing and googling where to go, before coming to the conclusion that we should just jump on the bus to the city and have a bevvy.


Ryan and I at southbank.

We are pretty lucky because Brisbane is honestly beautiful. Its super easy for us to get into the city, and there is always something going on. We have found our new favourite place to eat, The Guilty Rouge. The bar is attached to a sister hostel to the one where we work, meaning we get staff discount in the bar. As amazing for us as that is, its still pretty cheap for such good quality food. I’ve found love in the form of a glorious chicken burger called the Bonnie and Clyde burger. It comes with lemon and herb chicken, topped with bacon, Asian slaw, crispy noodles and wasabi mayo. It honestly has to be the tastiest burger I’ve ever had. Every time we go back, I have all the best intentions to try something new….never happens.

So after food in Guilty, we usually head down to Southbank. There is always a good vibe down there. There’s the lagoon where you can cool off, lots of nice beer gardens, and on the weekend there’s a cute little market down Little Stanley Street. The walk along the river is a nice way to walk off our dinner, and if you time it just right, you get to see the gorgeous sunset over the CBD.


Rooftop view at the hostel BBQ

Although, some weeks we don’t end up with a day off together so try to make the most of our weekend evenings. Ryan has weekends off and I usually finish at 4. The hostel has a roof top BBQ on a Sunday evening which we usually end up at 🙂 Its a nice way to chill out with everyone from work too, and we don’t have far to go!


A few of us in the bar making the most of the work perks 😉

As difficult as it is making time for each other, I’m so happy to be working at the hostel. I feel like I actually have a social life now (YIPPEEE) and the people are great too. Its tiring, the hours are sometimes unsociable, and sometimes the ‘interesting’ situations that arise can drain you, but honestly the people make up for it (and the money, obviously). If only I had been given this job when I first got here! For now I’ll have to make the most of the last month I have, before we head off to do some actual travelling!! That’s when the real fun begins 😉

Bye for now





Easter Lunch at Zeus

On Easter Sunday, myself and Ryan were at a bit of a loss with what to do with ourselves. Everything closes in Australia on Good Friday, and I knew a lot of the shops in the city were closed on Sunday too. We fancied a bit of a Sunday session, since we both had the day off work (a rare occurrence), so we decided to head down to South Bank in the hopes of finding some lunch and a watering hole.

South Bank was actually buzzing with activity, a lot of families down at the pool and beach area, and most bars and restaurants were open (YAYY!). We decided on a light lunch and headed to Zeus. We have been past this place a few times and have always said we would try it, when we did it was so worth it!


Zeus on South Bank

Zeus specialise in Greek street food, think pitas and salads. It is a chain restaurant with a few stores in New South Wales, but the South Bank store is the only one in Queensland.  The store had a really fresh, clean, modern feel to it and you could tell there had been some work put into the place. Everything was embossed with the Zeus logo, even the napkins! I loved the feel of the place before I had even ordered my food.


Zeus menu, even the menu holder was embossed!

We both had the Uncle Tzimmy pita, mine with lamb and Ryan’s with chicken. They came with tomato, tzatziki, onions, paprika and chips all wrapped up in a thick, soft pita. We both really enjoyed our pitas. The meat was cooked to perfection, every bite was full of flavour, and I was comfortably satisfied when I had finished (so its a good job we didn’t order sides!).


My Uncle Tzimmy lamb pita

We were very happy with our lunch which set us up nicely for our Sunday session. We headed to South Bank Beer Garden, for a pint (yep, not a scooner!) to wash down our dinner before we headed to Fortitude Valley for more cider and a bit of a pub crawl! All in all, an excellent Easter Sunday!


A nice cider at South Bank Beer Garden

Bye for now




A Love Affair with BlackMilk Clothing

You will come to realise that a large proportion of my wardrobe was born from an Aussie company known as BlackMilk Clothing. So before I delve into countless OOTD posts, or what I brought from each collection, I thought I should explain a little.

Blackmilk clothing is an Australia based company known for its flashy leggings and inside out dresses (yep two dresses in one!). BM caught my eye back in 2014 with a Game of Thrones licenced release, which came at a perfect time, just before Ryan and I were heading to Comiccon.

My first BM purchases in 2014

It was a slippery nylon covered slope from there on! And I soon discovered the glory behind the company wasn’t just their jazzy prints or interactive social media platform, but it was the fans (or sharkies as they are known!). The community behind BM is the real gem. There are countless Facebook groups for girls and guys (yep guys too!) all across the world. And within these groups are real friendships. I know I know, some people are probably thinking “how can internet friends be REAL friends, it’s just weird” but it’s not! It’s beautiful and uplifting. I’ve seen so many acts of genuine kindness in these groups it’s inspiring. There are regular meet ups, and even large scale meet ups of beautiful nylon covered babes! I myself have made real true friends from the BM community, and I have stepped outside my comfort zone and been part of a huge UK meet up in 2015.


Sharing a cabin with 6 random girls amongs 70+ sharkies was the best weekend ever!

So in short BlackMilk clothing is not only a large part of my wardrobe, but a pretty big part of my life too. I’ve made so many awesome friends through BM and been to some wicked parties too!

And I’m sure there’s plenty more to come 😀


Babblings of a Blonde

Hi! My name is Amy, welcome to my new shiny blog Amy Down The Rabit Hole. I’m a 23 year old English lass currently sunning it up in Australia! I thought since my life is somewhat interesting now I should maybe write about it. So I’ll start with a little bit about me.

Take me back to my happy place ✈️☀️🌎

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As I’ve said I’m currently living in Australia, residing in Brisbane, but I was born and raised in not so sunny Wolverhampton. I lived there my whole life until I moved out to study at the University of Chester. Those three years gave me my first real taste of freedom, and I LOVED it. After spreading my wings and living the student life I wasn’t quite ready to settle into a nine to five life back in Wolverhampton. Which brings me to the travel part of this blog! On November 9th 2015 my fiancé (Ryan) and I packed up and flew out on our own adventure. We spent two weeks travelling around Thailand before settling here in the sunshine state.

So now my life is so much more interesting (well for me anyway), I have much more to share (than my nail art tutorials of my younger days ha!). There’s only so much I can post on Instagram before I drive everyone crazy, so here I am. I’ll be sharing my travel tales, foody goodness, my favourite outfits, and more; hopefully you will find reading about them as enjoyable as I find writing them.

Bye for now

Amy x